Roslyn compiler fun: Implementing a property-expression analyzer and refactoring!

The compiler platform "roslyn" is a really exciting piece of technology that enables us c# developers to create our own custom code analysis and refactoring libraries. In this post I will show you how I have used the roslyn apis to create a custom refactoring that transforms common property-expression helper code to the new c# 6 nameof expression.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code

Judging the quality of software is difficult. There are approaches that use metrics like code coverage as well as approaches that define quality as “a function of how much it changes the world for the better”. This can be interpreted as meaning that user satisfaction is more important than functional and structural quality.

Boostrap 3: Let's rewrite our frontend #mtbj

As you might have read in a previous post of our Bootstrap Journal, we are migrating to Bootstrap 3. In our case, migrating means changing more than 40.000 lines of HTML & CSS code. A large amount of Ribbl’s HTML Code was built back in 2008, when there was no talk of smartphones and tablets, not to mention responsive design.

Fusonic-Linq - write less do more!

Linq (Language integrated query) in C# is one of the biggest time safer and productivity enhancement in recent programming language evolution history. With fusonic-linq we have implemented an opensource Linq2Object inspired library for PHP, with all the goodness you know and love from c#.

DIY Info-Screen using a Raspberry Pi and Dashing

When we discovered the Raspberry Pi we thought about possible use-cases for our office. As a software development company we immediately thought of a dashboard visualizing all the metrics we deal with each day. We want to share with you, how we created our own ultimate info-screen dashboard with a Raspberry Pi.

PHP DateTime and MSSQL

If you work with PHP and MSSQL as Database Backend you probably ran into the same issue like I did. The "Conversion failed when converting DATETIME from character string" error message.

Ubuntu awesomeness - Unity integrated time-tracking

We are using Ubuntu as our operating system since we started out with Fusonic in 2005. We were involved in the evolution of Ubuntu for a very long time now. We want to give you an insight on how well Ubuntu integrates into our daily business tasks with an example: our timetracking application.