Darwinian Software Development

We’re not expecting you to have your project all planned down to the last detail. We expect changes and surprises in your software’s formation process. Welcome to the evolution of software.

Project Course

The right time for ideas is anytime. Making a precise step by step plan at the start of your project is a good thing. It diminishes insecurities and helps us define a project route. Too bad it usually doesn’t stand the test of the real world.

The start of a project is the point of maximum ignorance. Things are going to change during development, new possibilities will arise, and some assumptions will turn out to be wrong. In order to stay on the right path, it is necessary to sometimes change direction.

Test - Adapt - Repeat
Software evolution is an ongoing process. There are always new features and improvements to be made.

David Roth, Co-founder


Thanks to an agile development process and the use of stable technologies, your product is sure to never reach a dead-end, but rather the next evolutionary stage. We have defined an agile workflow for this product evolution.


Getting to know each other is a bit like going on a first date. We may not exactly take you to a movie, but we will want to know everything about you, and we will ask you a whole lot of questions.

Asking these questions at the beginning of the project helps us get an insight into your plans. This enables us to give you a first independent feedback, based on many years’ worth of know-how in developing.


Before we hurl ourselves into the development process, our teams define a project’s cornerstones and mileposts together. We define user groups, set out the most important features of the finished product, and put the budget straight.

Of course, the product also needs a look. We demonstrate basic design elements and coordinate them with the user interface, thus creating the optimal user experience.


Now that we’ve got the basic facts on products and aims down, we start the implementation process. This process is made up of clearly defined periods of development work, tests and feedback. This helps us measure the project’s progress together, stay on course and make necessary corrections. Mutual exchange makes the difference between a good product and an amazing, innovative product. We are constantly moving forward and getting closer to our goal with every interval.


When the time comes to launch the product, we make sure that everything runs smoothly. When the product is live, we turn into your ground control crew and start the most important test run. Then we have to start learning: How is the product used? What further functions do users want? What functions are not used at all? We help you draw the right conclusions from these experiences and support you in making a plan for further developments. When you are ready for further developments – so are we.


In software development, there are things that are about as sure to happen as explosions in a Michael Bay movie, commercial breaks during the Super Bowl, the death of an Enterprise crew member dressed in red, ... well, you get the picture.

Your ideas are bigger and more colourful than your budget. So the question is not “What is this going to cost?“ but “What features and possibilities do we have for making a great product with the budget we’ve got?“

Many possibilities only reveal themselves while working on a project. New chances arise, and tests show missing features. Thanks to multiple feedback cycles, we are able to react flexibly to new ideas.

A lot is being written about him, but really, he doesn’t exist: the one user. Every user is different, has different demands and needs and is sure to surprise you. We help you react to these surprises.

During the development process, we will have to master technical challenges together, create interfaces with existing systems and ensure the support of various terminal devices and software.

Start your own evolution

Software allows us to do fantastic and wonderful things. The right application can change everything. We’re excited to learn what application you’ve got in mind. Let’s talk about it.