Jobs für Appentwickler, Webentwickler und Softwareentwickler

We are a team of friends, extending the boundaries of the possible every day a little further.
Are you joining us?


Your time is your own, so you should be able to manage it the way you want. With our flexitime system, you are free to snooze your alarm for five minutes or for three hours – whatever suits you best.

Latest Technologies

If you develop new things, you shouldn't have to rely on outdated technologies. With us, you will always test new technologies and – if they prove themselves – work with them on a daily basis.


Knowledge and know-how are our most important resources and your brain is the warehouse. If you want to increase the stock, we will be happy to support you.

Public Transportation Ticket

We want to change the world. But not by accelerating climate change with producing unnecessary CO2. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we offer free public transport tickets for all employees.

Joy and enthusiasm are more important to us
than a suit and tie.

Lunch Allowance

Healthy nutrition increases performance and well-being. That's why there's always fresh fruit in the office. But high-quality lunches are also affordable thanks to the lunch allowance.

Play culture

Unfortunately, our private stadium, the Fusonic Arena, is not finished yet. Until then, we are practicing diligently at table soccer, so that we are ready when the round has to go into the square.


If coffee was an illegal drug, we would probably be better known than Walter White and Pablo Escobar combined. But unlike the two drug barons, we don't charge a cent for our fine organic fair trade roast blend.


Hardly anything kills creativity as quickly as the daily grind. To prevent this from happening in the first place, regular events liven up the working year. They range from hackathons and LAN parties to archery and night sledding.