Our Team

We are a group of passionate geeks, close-knit as a team, different and characteristic as individuals. We combine our different strengths in order to reach a common goal: furthering Vorarlberg as a center of technology and thus contributing our share to
the world’s digital future.

Based on a typical word from our dialect, “gsi”, Vorarlberg is traditionally known as Gsiberg, but it is turning more and more into Gsilicon Valley – and we are proud to be among the founding fathers. We have preserved the traditional values of Vorarlberg, which means that we implement every project with devotion and comprehensive technical know-how.

Matthias Burtscher
Co-Founder, CEO
Rene Ponudic
David Roth
Alexander Troy
Stefan Krekeler
Software Developer
Gabriele Wudrag
Feelgood Manager
Dominik Sekacic
Johannes Hartmann
Software Developer
Michael Zangerle
Software Developer
Clemens Himmer
Software Developer
Arjan Frans
Software Developer
Kerstin Rehn
Lilla Fésüs
Software Developer
Cornelia Süß
UX / UI Designer
Lukas Bickel
Software Developer
Mark Debeljak
Software Developer
Corina Bachmann
UX/UI Designer
André Heine
Software Developer
Thomas Rzipa
Software Developer
Ludwig Thoma
Junior Project Manager

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Things you do not (have to) know about Fusonic.

All Fusonics put together have 13 pets.

You’ll find 14 bearded men in our offices.

Eleven of us could apply for the “Ingenieur” title – only one of us did.

There is not one vegetarian in our entire team.

We consume an average of 113 cups of coffee per week – not each, but in total.

75 % of the Fusonic team are addicted to Game of Thrones.

On average, five games of table soccer are played each day.

The iOS or Android user rate is 4 to 14 … and one Windows Phone User