We trust in actions.

When we work on projects, one thing counts for us above all: the result. That's why we focus on the essentials right from the start - you and your customers.

Yes, we also work agilely.

This is the place where we should actually brag about cryptic Scrum graphics. But we'd rather use the space to show you something we really care about: How our work makes your work more agile.

Still not sure if we are the right people for your project? Just ask - if we're not the right fit, we might know someone who is. 

Get started now.

Briefing and getting to know each other

We know a lot about software, you know a lot about your business - if we combine our knowledge, we know a lot about the right software for your business.

1 month
Laying a foundation.

UX & Tech Consulting

To develop groundbreaking applications for you, we dive deep into your business and your domain. In UX & Tech Consulting workshops, we lay the foundation for a customer journey that puts the user at the centre and on which we accompany him.

Goals and results:

  • Look & Feel Click Dummy
  • Epics and user stories
  • Product vision
  • Actual and target processes
  • Target groups and personas
  • Definition of MVP and roadmap
2 to 3 months
Producing results.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

We give efficiency a name: Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A concept in which the digital product is launched as early as possible in order to generate maximum user feedback in the shortest possible time and thus expand and improve the MVP.

Goals and results:

  • Style guide and design system
  • Infrastructure / Cloud Hosting
  • First usable product
  • Real feedback for market assessment
  • First experience of demand and use
  • Optimised path to product market fit
6 to 9 months
The finished product.

Continuous development

The problem needs a solution.

In other words, a finished, usable and cleanly implemented software with real added value. Along the way, we rely on the DevOps principle: continuous development in exchange with you.

Through efficient and effective collaboration, we can focus on rapid iterative implementation and give you a clear overview. We define the roadmap and develop new functions, extensions and improvements at short intervals. The result: an efficiently developed, high-quality product.

Goals and results:

  • New features and improvements
  • Ongoing releases
Nach MVP
Laufende Entwicklung.


Once the digital product has been implemented, the quieter part of product development begins. Now it's about improvements based on user feedback, the integration of new ideas and reliable, scalable cloud hosting. 

Goals and results:

  • Cloud-Hosting
  • Support und Betreuung
  • New ideas and developments
  • Further develop product benefits

How much is the fun?

The honest answer is: it depends. But because that doesn't help you, here are a few clues.


Minimum Viable Product

Your Lets-Go version for the start into digital business. We develop your Minimum Viable Product that works on all devices and browsers and quickly and effectively turns your idea into a digital experience.

75.000 - 125.000€

6-9 Monate


Minimum Lovable Product

Make them love it. Mit High-End-Requirements und einer nachhaltigen Strategie kriegt dein digitales Produkt alles, was es braucht, um von deinen Kund:innen geliebt zu werden. Es wird schick, unterhaltsam und vor allem nützlich.

100.000 - 300.000€

9-15 Monate


The Next Big Thing

A unique product that opens doors to new markets and is developed uniquely for you. With its own design system, outstanding concept and uncompromising development. The solution fulfils every one of your requirements down to the smallest detail.

ab 500.000€

12-24 Monate

Let's create something great together.

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