Migrate to Bootstrap Journal #mtbj

Welcome to the first entry of our "migrate-to-bootstrap journal" series #mtbj. In this and following posts we will share our know-how which we gained and will gain while migrating our whole Fusonic Connect / Ribbl Community Software product line from a conventional (and outdated) layout system to Twitter Bootstrap v3.

How to: Compress image with trimage

There are lots of reasons to save file size, especially on the mobile web. More space and less traffic on the server. Speed up page rendering and limited bandwidth on the client. But there is a tool to get rid of that problem: trimage - it is free and helps to reduce image size a lot (over 25 % in our tests without loose of quality)! trimage bundles a bunch of image compression libraries, compresses the image and chooses the best result. Currently supporting PNG and JPEG.

Sencha Touch vs. jQuery Mobile

Developing mobile apps can be quite costly and time consuming if you have to support multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. There are many approaches trying to solve that problem. You could just simply live with it and develop native apps for each platform. You could use a cross platform toolkit like MonoTouch/MonoDroid. Or you could go for a web application / hybrid app like we did.

Chive 1.1 released - with PHAR package

I'm happy to announce the release of Chive 1.1, our powerful open-source web-based solution for MySQL database administration. Chive 1.1 is a major release with some very exciting new features.

Simplified PHP Spreadsheet / Excel Export

Three years ago I was pleased to announce SpreadsheetExport 0.1.0 by Fusonic - an open-source PHP library provided by Fusonic. Its purpose was to enable PHP developers to export spreadsheet-like data to various file formats while only writing their export logic once. You need to implement some kind of spreadsheet export in nearly every application - so did we in our Social Intranet Solution. Problem…

Chive 1.0 released!

I'm pleased to announce the release of chive 1.0! Chive is a free, open source, web-based database management tool, designed to bring joy to web developers - with easy administration, super fast UI and state of the art web technologies. Our mission is to bring joy to web developers - every part in chive is optimized to speed so that web-developers can achieve any tasks easily and super-fast -…

Tuning Apache for High Traffic

A few months ago we launched an online community / social network at querdenker.de using our own software foronline communties. We have always been thinking that we already considered nearly everything which could break our system when beeing accessed by a lot of people concurrently. And we were right. What did break the site when more than 200 people accessed the site in the same minute, it has not…


Having problems with user-responsive, interactive UI's? Sick of confusing and complicated js-code to handle your UI? Knockout is the solution. I first stumbled upon the knockout-library during the implementation of a UI with lots of interactive features, like updating a field if another field changes, displaying areas only if a certain option is set, … Simple actions are very easy to implement…