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DevOps connects development with operations, i.e. technologies with your business. The goal of DevOps consulting is to improve your agility, responsiveness and productivity.

What is DevOps and what are the benefits?

DevOps is not a tool or programme, but a strategy to improve your product, work and software quality. To help you react quickly to market trends, adapt your strategy and exploit the right tools, DevOps consulting aims to continuously optimise, network and automate your processes. With a DevOps strategy, everyone benefits from more productivity, flexibility, security and stability.


DevSecOps – integrated security

The “Sec” in DevSecOps stands for security in the lifecycle of DevOps software development. Because applications are developed faster and more efficiently through the continuous improvement of development cycles, security is all the more important. In the DevSecOps approach, it becomes a shared responsibility. DevSecOps integrates security features into tools, teams and infrastructures from the start.

Advantages through DevOps

DevOps Consulting is all about improving efficiency in your team by integrating smart processes and tools.

Release faster
Tools replace manual processes, enabling frequent, tightly timed releases and shortening time-to-market.
Improve software quality
A consistent strategy of code analysis, automated testing and integrated checks enables frequent releases without bugs.
Scale flexibly
The automated DevOps process relies on a container-based software architecture and the use of flexible cloud services.

How does DevOps Consulting work?

What we offer you in DevOps consulting is tangible know-how from practice, which we have developed ourselves in numerous software projects. Using agile methods, we transfer this DevOps know-how to your team to improve software quality through continuous deployment. Release cycles shorten, error sources dry up and efficiency through tools increases.


Analysis and assessment

A joint assessment of the current situation and the identification of pain points in the current processes is the basis of DevOps consulting.

Strategy and planning

Based on the analysis, we define DevOps goals and develop a suitable long-term strategy with concrete tips for action.


We work closely with your team and focus on continuous improvement in the form of accompanying coding, know-how sharing, reviews and peer-to-peer coaching.

Ongoing support

DevOps is based on constant improvement, which must be lived beyond an initial project. We remain at your side with advice even after implementation.

DevOps supports in all areas

The holistic DevOps approach guarantees the highest quality in all areas. This relieves your team, your costs and your time management. We can determine individually what we focus our DevOps consulting on.

Improve architecture
Flexible architecture based on Docker, transparent dependency management and resilient microservice architectures.
Increase software quality
Effective unit and integration testing, UI regression testing and tool-based support for clean coding.
Shorten release cycles
Automated test environments (review apps), continuous deployment & integration and agile project management.
Ensure stable operation
Fault-tolerant infrastructure, installation of monitoring tools and centralised error logging.
Scaling infrastructure and software
Infrastructure as code, auto-scaling solutions and managed cloud hosting.
Promote security and compliance
Ensure licence compliance when using open source, check external dependencies and integrate security best practices

Favourite technologies

As external consultants, we adapt to your technology landscape. When we can choose, we work with the following tools and services.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
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