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Let’s dig into the tech stack!

With us, first-class quality comes to the technology table. With our years of experience, we know how to use the best frameworks, tools and platforms to serve up flexible, scalable software solutions.

Powerful frameworks that last

There is a huge pool of programming languages and frameworks. To make your project a success, we fish out the best of them and always have the right solution at hand. 

C#: .NET
.NET is one of the most popular and versatile developer platforms in the world. It convinces with a high-quality framework, best-in-class performance and extremely versatile application possibilities, whether on the desktop (RichClient, Electron, MAUI), server (ASPNET. Core) or in the browser (Blazor).
PHP: Symfony
The PHP universe has long since established itself as a universal platform for web applications. Its wide distribution and broad support through frameworks and SDKs provide the stable basis for your project’s success.
Typescript: Angular / React
Modern and interactive web UIs require the use of powerful frontend web application frameworks. For our projects, we rely primarily on Angular and React because they are proven, future-proof and flexible.

Strong processes need strong tools

Scalable and flexible in the cloud

Flexibility is the word of the hour. That’s why we run software solutions dynamically and flexibly with well-known container tools and cloud providers.

Container (Docker)
Containers are the be-all and end-all of modern software development and allow us to package our apps including their dependencies. This way we ensure that each app runs in a controlled environment where no surprises occur.
Kubernetes, also known as K8s, are an open source system for automatically deploying, scaling and managing containeriZed applications. Thanks to Kubernetes and the cloud, we develop applications that are fail-safe and scalable to respond to any event.
Amazon Web Services
AWS is the largest cloud provider with the most extensive service portfolio. It helps us to react flexibly to new requirements, scale applications dynamically and ensure fail-safe operation.

Open Source Work at Fusonic

Open source is exactly our thing, because we can share our own innovations with other developers and at the same time use the insights of others. Win-win. Or Work à la Star Trek: “We work to improve ourselves. And the rest of humanity.”

Our projects are diverse and individual, which is why we are constantly looking for the best solutions. When we come across new codes, we share them with each other so that other projects and teams can also benefit from them. Sharing is caring!

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