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The digital insurance manager

Online to the policy, damage report on the cell phone and 24-hour service: With the customer portal meineVLV the Vorarlberger Landesversicherung realigns its customer service. 


Modern service tool for customer service

The meineVLV customer portal is a digitized service experience. A mix of functions and information that satisfies customer needs in the digital space. All insurance policies, news and claims are managed directly on the cell phone.

The customer portal makes the insurance offering more accessible to digitally savvy customers. It is geared to their wishes, reinforces self-services and thus relieves the workload of the office team.

Our services

Sections in the forms

To make changes as easy as possible, we have divided the forms into clear sections.


Targeted user guidance

After entering the data, users see all their policies in an overview and can select the one they want.


Check and release

Finally, myVLV summarizes all the changes so that the user can check and approve them.


Sustainable and inexpensive: no need for printouts

The customer portal supports flexible, mobile administration that does not require any paper at all. Policies, applications, insurance conditions and claims are stored online and can be viewed at any time.

meineVLV replaces the countless folders on customers' shelves and reduces the amount of printing required in the office. Communication is more efficient and supported by digital processes.

Digital storage of insurance documents, accessible via desktop and smartphone

Self-services complement customer service

The customer portal shows how easy insurance can be. The overview of all details and services motivates customers to take care of many things themselves. Whether changing data, submitting a new application or reporting a claim - every step is possible via cell phone.

The design and functions intuitively guide users through the self-service processes and thus relieve the workload of the office team.

Clear dashboard for independent data management

Login without remembering a password

Time and again, the phone rings in customer service because someone has forgotten their password. To counteract this from the outset, we have developed a secure, uncomplicated login that does not require a password. 

With the passwordless login, authentication is quick and easy via the personal e-mail address.


Tech highlights

Anti-corruption layer, passwordless login and hybrid UI - the customer portal evolves according to user needs.

SAP integration
In order to display the existing SAP data in a performant way, an anti-corruption layer was developed, which makes the SAP data accessible for the application in a performant way. Communication with SAP takes place via WCF.
Passwordless login
A TOTP code (Time-based One-time Password Algorithm) has been added to the passwordless login via an email link. Thus, the login can now also be confirmed by means of a numerical code from the cell phone.
Hybrid UI
Most of the static UI is generated on the server using proven Razor UI. For isolated interactive components, React creates the necessary dynamics. An intelligent combination of both technologies.

Verwendete Technologien

Microsoft SQL
Microsoft SQL
»With digitalization, the expectations of our customers are changing. In Fusonic, we have found a regional partner who has mastered the challenge with us. The portal significantly reduces our internal effort.«
Horst Schneider
Horst Schneider
Head of Online Services @ VLV

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