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Real-time building monitoring

NeoVac Monitoring Pro is a building monitoring application. It presents energy data in a clear and concise manner and shows optimization potential.


All resources at a glance with holistic energy monitoring

The monitoring application provides data that makes it easier for property managers and owners to analyze their properties. Technicians first set up the meters with NeoVac IoT, and then NeoVac Monitoring Pro displays the data clearly with graphs, lists, and more. Cost and energy efficiency always require new data, making NeoVac Monitoring Pro the ideal tool for ongoing optimization.

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Dashboards and reports

One of the most important functions of the application is to make buildings more transparent. All consumption and production data is clearly displayed on dashboards.


Alarms and peace of mind

Property managers:inside and owners:inside are motivated to keep an eye on energy efficiency and increase sustainability. The monitoring application sounds an alarm when consumption rises or falls unexpectedly. The alarms are set to individual thresholds.


Minergie interface creates benchmarks

NeoVac Monitoring is officially Minergie certified. This means that an interface between Monitoring and Minergie provides the user with target values. This makes it easy to see whether consumption or production is too high or too low.



33 000
Active metering devices installed in buildings that transmit data
Buildings currently being monitored
24 h
All-round monitoring with alarm in case of defects

Virtual Meters and Calculations

Although data is valuable, sometimes it is too expensive and inconvenient to install a physical meter. The NeoVac Monitoring App is designed to replicate a physical meter in the form of a virtual meter. 

The calculator uses the meters as variables for all kinds of calculations. Fascinating when you consider that there are thousands of ¼ hour values in each meter. In simple terms, this means that the user specifies a variety of applications and the feature calculates the data using stored formulas.

Quickly create a virtual meter using the built-in calculator

Separation of core components into their own services

To facilitate the integration of future and existing products into the universe, specialized core components such as user authentication, consumption data management and communication with NeoVac internal systems have been separated into their own independent services. 

This focus on specialized services facilitates maintainability, reduces infrastructure costs and simplifies optimizations.

Interaction between the services of NeoVac and Fusonic

Optimized Usage Data Management

Consumption data management is optimized for querying data within defined time periods. For example, quarter-hourly data can be queried and calculated in milliseconds. This is how it works:

  • Partitioning of database tables
  • Optimization of SQL queries
  • Appropriate indexes on the tables

Agile to the finish line

There are useful methods to help agile teams focus on effectiveness and productivity. In order to coordinate our collaboration with NeoVac in a transparent way, we changed our way of working from Scrum to Kanban during the project. Among other things, this means that we no longer complete tasks in continuous sprints, but according to NeoVac's prioritization. With Kanban, we work in flow and deliver results continuously.
Scrum and Kanban prevent people from getting bogged down or losing track of things. Processes are efficient and productive.

Team organization using the Kanban method and the corresponding GitLab board

Tech highlights

Leverage existing structures and knowledge to create an efficient, effective solution.

Component library
Components are designed and tested once. They can then be used as often as needed. This saves time and money.
Verification instances
During development, each feature automatically gets its own verification instance in the cloud infrastructure. This allows us to test all changes quickly and practically.
UI regression testing
Automatically generated screenshot comparisons quickly and easily identify unwanted changes in new releases.
Scale with Containers and Kubernetes
Applications run inside Docker containers. They launch on-demand on multiple instances, providing reliability, scalability, and fast response times.
Automated unit and integration testing
The application is automatically tested with thousands of tests to avoid regression bugs and maintain quality.
Application & infrastructure monitoring
Tools like Sentry or UptimeRobot constantly monitor the application. This allows errors to be detected and corrected before a user notices them.
.NET Core
.NET Core
»Once again, the cooperation on this project was excellent. In particular, the increasing understanding of Fusonic and the individual solution approaches made this project a success.«
Pascal Welti
Pascal Welti
Head of Energy Consulting, Member of the Executive Board @ NeoVac

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