Pool Alpin

New online shop builds bridges for the ropeway industry

POOL-ALPIN sells equipment for cable cars and ski lifts as well as supplies for gastronomy and administration via the B2B online shop. With a new shop design and technical infrastructure, we are building the bridge for a modern user experience.


The B2B online shop with big ambitions.

Online shopping is booming. POOL ALPIN members also prefer to order quickly and easily via the web. We have developed the new online shop according to their wishes.

The shop certainly has ambitions to function as a platform. That's why, in addition to its B2B shop features, it also offers a communication channel and a seamless connection to the POOL-ALPIN administration system.

Our services

Putting everything on one card

The article card is a real all-rounder and a centrepiece of the webshop design. It shows everything important at a glance, reacts with a hover effect and is the shortest way to the shopping cart or to the product details. Small card, strong performance.


Satisfied customer experience

It happens that an item expires. But then POOL-ALPIN does not leave its members in the dark, but looks for a replacement. That's what the individual enquiry is for. Fill it out, send it off, sit back.


How much can I order?

Order and monthly limits show who can order how much. Once a limit is reached, the order goes through a release process. Each company decides for itself where the limit is and whether every order is checked.


Hey, there is news

This B2B online shop can be more than just a modernly designed webshop. It keeps POOL ALPIN members up to date via the notification bar and thus takes up the idea of a platform.


Pull out your smartphone and order

The POOL-ALPIN shop gives members all the information they need at their fingertips. The web shop design adapts to the device so that the B2B online shop is both user- and mobile-friendly.



The user experience in the B2B online shop is reflected in the figures. Here is a first impression from practice.

faster search, thanks to Elastic Search
better Lighthouse-Score. Accessibility 80 %, Best Practice 100 %
Products can be imported into the shop per second

This is where it all starts

The home page is the foyer of the B2B online shop. For some it's the start of the shopping tour, for others it's straight into the administration, because the menu is the interface to the POOL-ALPIN customer portal Synergy.

Depending on their access rights, users can see information from the Synergy customer portal in the menu. A distinction is made between shop administrators and shop users. Depending on the role, different functions are available, such as creating new employees or releasing orders with order limits.

Keep track of everything you need on the home page.

Easier to use and clearer

This is how the product detail pages look in the new webshop design. The pages provide everything B2B customers need - from product photos to tiered pricing and promotions. They can see availability, order quantities and different variants of the product. If an item is not available, the individual enquiry is also omnipresent.

Supplier and detailed information is stored in accordions that are easy to open. In this way, all data is available without overloading the product page.

Efficient B2B shopping in a new webshop design! Clear and concise.

Check out the checkout

And last but not least, the shopping basket, which once again has a lot to offer. With so many different suppliers, you can imagine that there are a lot of different delivery and payment terms. The shop displays these clearly in the shopping basket. As well as price changes, order limits and the ability to request special quantities at the click of a button.

What's more, the shopping basket can easily be saved as a PDF file and sent to colleagues for approval before the order is placed. The filled basket can also be saved as a notepad and called up as required - ideal for recurring orders.

The same applies to the shopping basket: if an item is no longer available, an alternative is requested via the individual request.

Smart B2B shopping cart for efficient ordering!

Tech Highlights

Here is an insight into the tools and technologies that help us develop online shops.

Shop SPA mit React
This is where the future of web shop design begins: this single page application makes shops faster and more interactive.
Mobile-friendly B2B-Webshop
Whether on smartphone or desktop: The shop looks great on all devices. Flexibly adaptable components ensure an optimal user experience.
React + Redux + Reselect
Powerful management of application status and data - far beyond component boundaries.
Lightning fast Elasticsearch
Find the right product from millions of listings in milliseconds - no problem for Elasticsearch.
Messaging with Amazon SQS
The application becomes faster and more scalable, especially with large amounts of data. If a service is unavailable, communication is automatically retried later.
With HTTP Cache, Query Cache, Amazon S3 Image Cache and several others, we optimise query performance across multiple interfaces.
"As our expert software development company, Fusonic not only delivered excellent B2B web shop programming, but also perfected the art of digital craftsmanship."
DI (FH) Roland Niedermayr
Managing Director

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