Cloud Management & Operations

Scalable and efficient

Cloud is all around us. Why not let your business benefit from it too? Good cloud management improves your IT processes in the long term. If you want to use the cloud efficiently, we help you make the right decisions with cloud consulting.

Why Cloud Management & Operations?

It is not enough to replace the physical server with the cloud. The cloud must also be used properly. Only cloud management can make your IT processes leaner and more efficient. We configure the cloud operations within your cloud infrastructure, replace old habits and put new structures on track. Let's start with cloud consulting and cloud migration.

Tips for planning your cloud management

What makes cloud migration and good cloud management possible? That’s what we work out together. From better communication to innovative service offerings, everything is possible.

Cloud consulting with practical experience
We have been involved in a large number of managed cloud hosting projects and developed cloud migration strategies, therefore we are able to implement even complex requirements.
Automate Cloud Operations
In all phases, from cloud consulting services to cloud migration, we rely on best practices and automation. For consistent workflows and secure workflows.
Monitoring & Incident Management
Once the cloud is up and running, you can rely on it blindly. We ensure this with monitoring and active incident management – the basis for smooth processes.
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The right cloud management for you

Adapting your business for the future requires structure. What you need is innovative managed cloud hosting. We distinguish between the right cloud consulting services for smaller projects and cloud management for production environments of business-critical applications.


For development environments and non-business critical applications.

Use cases

Small projects

Development environments

Test systems

Key points

Flexible pricing

No commitment


For productive environment of revenue generating services.

Use cases

Business critical applications

Data pools and business intelligence

Cloud-based IT infrastructure

Key points

Shorter response times

Cost optimization

How does Cloud Consulting & Migration work?

Simply making the big leap and moving the physical server to the cloud is not enough for us. We prefer to proceed step by step. Our cloud consulting guides you through all the phases in a structured way to configure the services that fit your business exactly and work for the long term.

Make apps fit for the cloud
Let’s create the foundation: your apps are made fit for the cloud. We use our DevOps know-how to do this.
Prioritization and planning
We focus on the apps that will benefit most from the cloud, considering Software as a Service.
Cloud migration and monitoring
The journey to the cloud begins. By setting up the data and infrastructure, we are setting the most important course for the future and keeping an eye on it, so you can work with it reliably at all times.
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Managed Cloud & Operations

Our specialists support you in planning, implementing and maintaining your cloud infrastructure. Thanks to sophisticated managed cloud hosting, all applications run smoothly and are scalable if required.

Cloud Professionals
Certified cloud professionals, individual advice and personal contact person.
Best practices and tools
Experience from numerous cloud operations projects, with proven tools and documentation.
Monitoring and troubleshooting
Monitoring of all services, proactive response to faults and escalation as required.
Optimization of costs
Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, benefit from discounts and individual offers.
Transparent billing
Monthly billing, all costs at a glance and cost verification by us.
SLA through Cloud Provider
Strong SLAs through cloud providers, reimbursement in case of infrastructure failures and handling by us.
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