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SAM3 is a large modular system with sales at its core. The sales software gives the team a tool to efficiently handle quotes, configurations and sales.

Liebherr SAM3

Sales- und Miet-Management-Software

SAM3 is an all-in-one platform for the sale and rental of construction and marine equipment. Quotations and orders are processed from A to Z via the sales software.

Because all workflows are customized for Liebherr, salespeople can close deals faster and keep track of what customers and colleagues need throughout the sales process.

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Filter easily, find faster

No matter where users are in the sales software, they can quickly and easily create groupings and filters in all grids and retrieve data as needed.

03_Slider Filter

Intuitive navigation

You know it from Microsoft programs: the simple operation via ribbon UI buttons. We used this concept for SAM3 to present all actions in a familiar way.

04_Slider Ribbon-UI-Button

Navigate & set bookmarks

The navigation itself is intuitive and easy to understand. You can also bookmark your favorites to navigate through the sales software even faster.

05_Slider Navigation

Jump from window to window

Users can open and edit multiple windows at the same time, allowing them to quickly switch and retrieve information.

06_Slider Tabs

Complex offerings made simple

This is thanks to the tree structure that clearly displays the parts list for each device. You can see exactly how much of what is needed and what the status is (New, Edited, Removed).

07_Slider Angebotskonfiguration


second to calculate. Before SAM3 it took 10 minutes
regular improvements throughout the year instead of one major update
100 %
data traceability through consistent Audit Logging

Configure and calculate quotes

The sales software allows you to configure and instantly price equipment for any location and purpose. Sales staff simply select the standard and special items from the master data - either as individual items or as a predefined, ready-made configuration. When saving, SAM3 calculates the quoted price.

Not only the bill of materials of the equipment is stored, but also all sales relevant data. When the quotation PDFS is created, the sales management software recognizes whether this data is available and valid. If it is not, the salesperson can add the information immediately for a legally compliant, accurate quote.

SAM3 Angebotskonfiguration
Proposal configuration with all relevant sales data

SAM3 guides users through processes

Multi-step wizards guide users step-by-step through the sales process. This makes the sales process faster and more efficient, as fewer errors occur and the necessary data is saved during the quoting process. 

The process is divided into several steps to make it easier for users. They focus on the relevant data, laying the foundation for a correct configuration.

09_Highlight Multi-Step Wizards
Multi-Step Wizard for a more efficient sales process

Dedicated rental module

To make renting equipment as easy as selling it, there is a dedicated module in the sales software. It is directly linked to the sales module and the CRM. Customer service representatives use the rental module to calculate rental rates and, if necessary, purchase options. If a sale is made, the process can be started directly in the rental module. This eliminates the need for the salesperson to reconfigure the equipment.

As with sales, the entire rental process is displayed in the sales software. The timeline feature keeps track of all rented equipment and allows you to manage it in the rental pool.

10_Highlight Vermietung
Rental module for calculating rental rates and purchase options

Configurator for support

Anyone familiar with Liebherr knows that there is a whole sea of configuration options. The Camos product configurator guides employees through these options and supports them in putting them together. If one option is not compatible with another, the configurator will not even suggest it. A source of error is eliminated. 

Finally, the configuration is transferred directly to the SAM3 quote and the sales software automatically calculates the price. The configurator makes life easier for new team members. Thanks to it, they don't need to have all the specialized knowledge to configure a product.

11_Highlight Konfigurator
Camos product configurator connected to SAM3

SAM3 manages global access rights

The more complex the corporate structure, the more demanding the rights management. Who can change what and who has access to what? All this can be regulated directly in the sales management software. Liebherr assigns different roles to employees worldwide. In this way, confidential data remains protected and functions are enabled or blocked depending on the role.

SAM3 Zugriffsrecht
Offer configuration with all the data relevant to the sale

Tech highlights

Technologies, skills, and tools we used for efficient development.

DevExpress UI Components
We used the DevExpress UI framework for the rich client. Mainly because of its extensive collection of high quality and powerful UI components.
Instant Feedback Source Grid Filtering
All grids are filtered using asynchronous instant feedback grid sources. Grouping and filtering options are evaluated on the server and sent to the client in seconds.
Hangfire Job Queue
Create and manage recurring background jobs that run independently of the user interface.
Document Generation with Aspose
All offer documents are generated with Aspose.Words. So they can be read, edited and converted as usual.
Dynamics CRM Synchronization
CRM data is synchronized from Microsoft Dynamics to SAM3 via an Azure message queue. We use mass transit for the connection.
Data Warehouse ETL
For ongoing analysis, a large amount of data is aggregated and prepared in various jobs and for the data warehouse.

Technologies used

Microsoft SQL
Microsoft SQL
»Sales software needs to grow with a company. Fusonic has developed a customized solution that can be continuously expanded and brings a seamless workflow to our sales processes. With SAM3, we work faster, more accurately and more economically.«
14_Christian Huber
Christian Huber
Solution Architect @ Liebherr

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