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The most convenient product comparison for the sales team

The classic product comparison has changed at Liebherr. The new Load Comparison App shows the team load capacities in comparison and can help to select the right crane for each task.


The new enabler in the sales team

If you are often asked about the difference between two products, you will certainly be grateful if you can hand over the compilation of data and facts to the computer. The Load Comparison product comparison app is a practical aid for the sales team, because it compares the load capacity (tonnes per metre outreach) of different cranes in one overview. 
Because in the variable world it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to gather all the data and facts, one of the great advantages of this product comparison is that Liebherr employees can compare not only the load tables of their own cranes, but also those of other manufacturers.

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Automatic and manual input

To compare two products, the load tables of Liebherr units are automatically retrieved from an interface. Competitors' equipment can be entered manually.



Intelligent filters and search function

In the product comparison app, intelligent filters and the search function help to quickly select the devices. 


Appealing design

The results of the product comparison are displayed in attractive graphics, diagrams and overviews. Ideal for communication with customers and partner companies.  



Thanks to a specialized and at the same time very easy-to-use software, significantly less working time is required for comparing cranes.

person-months project duration
comparisons made per year
time saving per comparison

Knowing what customers need

In practice, a product comparison only works if you know what the users need. On the one hand, this is the data, on the other hand, the handling. We wanted the users to know directly what the product comparison app can do and how to use it. Thanks to the pragmatic structure and UX design, users can move intuitively through the Load Comparison App. 

Liebherr employees can find their own products in the app and can store the devices of all competitors.

Overview of competitors with crane configurations

Transfer hosting to client—monitoring by Fusonic.

The best environment for efficiency when developing an app is our AWS Cloud. During development, the app was hosted by us and, as planned, Liebherr hosts the finished app itself. 

Liebherr employees can rely on our monitoring to identify potential problems in good time and solve them before the use of the app is impaired. Critical events are logged on an ongoing basis.

Manage competitor load tables

Conventional product comparisons often take more time than is available in everyday life. The Load Comparison App is designed in such a way that the cranes of all competitors can be freely configured and the creation of the equipment is fast, flexible and simple.

With the Load Comparison App, Liebherr employees are ideally equipped to provide purchasing advice and can forward the results to customers and partners in a clear PDF.

Comparison of configurations with interactive graphics

Agile processes with sprint reviews

Sprint reviews are always useful when something is completed for the first time and the next project step is to be determined in detail. Liebherr was always on stand and demo during the app development. Every fortnight, feedback on the completed work was gathered in short sprint review meetings and implemented directly.

Especially with regard to the fast timing of only 3 months implementation time, a well-rehearsed team that has learned to work well together was our most effective tool.

Tech highlights

To show the features of the new Load Comparison App, we present three tech highlights from the project.

PDF generation
"Print to PDF" is the magic word for significant user added value: because we use the function provided by the browser, a clear PDF can be generated quickly and easily from the Load Comparison App. And without having to configure a separate PDF generator.
Windows Authentification
Thanks to Windows Authentification, Liebherr employees can log in to the comparison app as usual using their existing login data.
API specifications
Clear API specifications enabled us to develop the app in isolation and guaranteed a successful connection to the final Liebherr interface upon release.

Used technologies

Microsoft SQL
Microsoft SQL
“I am thrilled because everything runs so quickly and smoothly, especially the workflow.”
Thomas Kopf
Thomas Kopf
Software Engineer
Let’s create something great together.

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