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Modern bathroom configurator with sophisticated features

With the new offline configurator, customers experience the planning of their new bathroom first-hand and receive their offer directly on site.


Modern sales and design experience

Bathroom analysis, design and offer: with the new bathroom configurator, a laptop is enough to configure, offer and ideally sell a complete bathroom during the consultation. 

Two things were central to the development: making the preparation and follow-up work easier for the own team. And to use the bathroom configurator as an efficient franchise tool.

Our services

Choose style, material and series

Customers can see all series at a glance and can delve deeper into the styles, materials and colours before making their decision. A document for general information can be stored for each series.


Browse the catalogue interactively

During the customer meeting, the advisors already present various models and designs in the interactive catalogue. When the decision is made in favour of a model, it is sufficient to mark the article number in the PDF and place the product in the shopping basket.


The whole series at a glance

In the product overview, all products of a series can be found with pictures and additional information. They are displayed either by marking them in the catalogue or by using the search term. The consultants can configure the products directly and place them in the shopping basket.


On-site configuration

The modern bathroom configurator makes it easy to involve customers right from the initial planning stage. Instead of analogue catalogues, the customer advisors browse through the products in the app and configure the bathroom directly during the on-site consultation.

What looks clear and simple on the desktop for customers and employees is, behind the scenes, an interplay of complex processes. From calculation with different currencies to synchronisation with several devices. In order to understand and optimize these processes, calculations and procedures, Viterma was closely involved in the development.

Overview of the colour configurations

Configure offline, synchronize automatically

The offline capability clearly sets the new bathroom configurator apart from others. Viterma does not have a classic, large showroom, but focuses on individual design and involves the customer thanks to the offline configurator. They don't even have to leave their homes to do this. 

This is also an important argument for franchise partners. The consultants are on the road a lot, so everything that is recorded offline and automatically synchronised significantly improves the workflow. 

Synchronisation of data for smooth working.

Making complex things look simple

The challenge was to replace a master Excel file with an app. The appealing and simple interface puts the focus on the shopping experience, while the complex processes work in the background. Already during the development, we extended the app with some functions.

From complicated Excel functions, we developed a clear interface with comprehensible processes for the sales staff.

Input of detailed information at the customer's site
Samples help with decision-making
Consultation in your own home

Tech highlights

The design of the Viterma bathroom configuration puts the experience in the foreground, while the technology works in the background.

Offline configuration
Offline means independent. Whether customer consultation in the garden, in the kitchen or in the office: configuration is done where and when you want.
Synchronization logic
If a document is edited simultaneously online and offline, a special set of rules prevents conflicts during synchronization.
PDF Viewer 2.0
We’ve added a smart search to the PDF viewer. The user can search and view specific articles.

Used technologies

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
"The configurator shows how precisely technology can respond to needs. We have gained modern sales support for customer meetings, franchise partnerships and order processing."
Andreas Bacher
Andreas Bacher
Bereichsleitung Systemoptimierung
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