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Digital transformation of an entire industry

AG.Live is dentistry's new digital working tool: the customer portal for connectivity, customer experience and smart collaboration.


Portal development for future-proof requirements

Customer portals can change the way we work together. With the portal development of AG.Live, Amann Girrbach fully exploits the possibilities of digital process optimisation.

For the portal development, we linked idea and technology. Beforehand, we intensively studied the matter, customers and users to ensure intuitive use and validation of the functions.

Our services

Selection of the tooth to be treated

Restoration creation starts directly at the tooth cross. With a mouse click, one or more teeth can be selected for treatment.


Definition of the restoration

The material, indication, veneering type and a color for the restoration are defined via a compressed dialogue using the mouse or keyboard.


Upload existing design file

If a client has already made a modelling of the restoration, he can add it via an upload field and send all collected data to a partner laboratory for further processing.


Share restorations with partners

Each individual restoration can be shared with different partners directly in the portal to speed up production and improve quality.



Starting with design prototyping on a small scale, the AG.Live portal can now be used worldwide.

workflows tested with design prototyping
registered users during the first test phase
countries are supported from the beginning

One portal, two customer groups

Initially, the AG.Live portal was conceived, designed and implemented for dental technicians. In the second development phase, dentists were integrated. Two customer groups with different requirements.

Through AG.Live, dental technicians and dentists communicate and cooperate without project chaos and in simple ways. Behind this is the seamless transition from development phase 1 (purely for dental technicians) to development phase 2 (integration of dentists).

Requirements for development phase 2:

  • Does the existing domain need to be changed?
  • What changes will be made to the existing user group?
  • Can or must data be migrated?
  • How can releases be cleverly coordinated to enable regular updates in the productive system and new features in the test system?
  • What is the balance between costs and benefits for all new requirements?
Transition of development phases from laboratories to dental practices.

Design-driven discovery

In order to understand the way of thinking and working and to develop an intuitive customer experience, we took a close look at the processes. Amann Girrbach invited dentists, dental assistants and dental technicians to test design prototypes. The users got a feel for their digital possibilities and we got early feedback, even before the actual portal development.

The flow of the restoration system was tested particularly extensively in order to make the input of case data fast and restriction-free for the users. After a short introductory phase in which wishes and needs were clarified, the test persons analysed the information on the overview page and created a restoration with certain specifications. Meanwhile, they shared their thoughts with us in order to uncover potential for improvement. Particularly good insights were provided by situations in which the test persons faced a hurdle and tried to solve the problem in different ways.

In the course of the test phase, we tested different design iterations to optimise details in the interface as well as to question and rethink the entire workflow.

The restoration flow was tested as an appendix to this design prototype. Several paths led the users to the goal.

Case Management and Share with Partner

With AG.Live we have developed a platform that makes every step - from the scan to the production of the restoration - traceable. Case Management is the heart of the customer portal and provides an overview of all cases: 

  • Orders that are produced in-house
  • Orders that are sent to partners for production
  • Orders that are produced for a partner

Creating a case is simple: select the tooth, define the restoration, provide production-relevant information. The user then decides whether to produce the restoration himself on an existing machine or to send the order to a partner.

All files required for the production of the restoration can be added: Scan, design or X-ray data as well as patient photos.
Within an order, partners have the possibility to exchange information directly in the portal solution. The entries are sorted chronologically.

Overview of active cases in different statuses.
Detailed color matching with the patient
Direct exchange between dentist and lab assistant in the detailed view of the case.

Shared pages und components for admin portal

In addition to the AG.Live customer portal, we also developed the associated admin portal for managing users and their products. The portal helps Amann Girrbach employees to actively support their end customers in using AG.Live.

To provide the Admin Portal, we did not have to reinvent the wheel. By using split pages and components we are able to serve both portals.

Lab details with additional navigation and additional functions for administrators.

Co-creation and integration into the team

We have integrated employees from the AG Research & Development as stakeholders in the co-creation process. At the client’s request, developers from our own software team were also integrated and trained in the processes.

For smooth portal development in a heterogeneous team, we rely on well-rehearsed Fusonic processes—from requirements engineering to unit tests and code review to release.

Making Tech: Tools, Highlights and Benefits

With the latest technologies and know-how, we have developed a modern, scalable and expandable customer portal. 

Independent Identity Server
Thanks to the independence of the Identity Server, we can also integrate the single sign-on functionality into other applications.
Automated database unit tests
By automating the testing of our application against a real database, we achieve robustness and best quality.
Modular structure of the frontend
The module structure allows selected components to be reused across multiple portals.
The Storybook provides a framework for designers and developers to design and develop modular UI components.
Load balancers and replicated backend services allow high fail-safety and uninterrupted adaptation to growing user numbers.
Separate infrastructure
Flexible testing of features thanks to separate infrastructures for live and review systems for developers and customers.

Used technologies

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
“With AG.Live, we have launched the biggest digitalization offensive in the company’s history. Fusonic has laid a foundation with the technical solution and expertise.”
Christoph Dargel
Christoph Dargel
Director of Product & UX
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