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Consumption under control: smart customer app for tenants

The myEnergy customer app is a step into the future and the new digital offer in the NeoVac portfolio. It relieves the burden on property management and makes life easier for tenants by giving them control over their energy consumption. 


Energy-saving app for high customer loyalty

An app that helps you save electricity? We have developed an app for NeoVac that shows tenants their current electricity and water consumption directly on their mobile phones. All the data is available at a glance on the smartphone and makes one's own consumption transparent.
In the myEnergy customer app, consumers can see their current consumption almost in real time. There is no longer any need to ask the building management and the annual bill can no longer come as a surprise.

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Everything at a glance and under control

NeoDuck welcomes consumers to the energy-saving app and shows them their current water and electricity consumption in an easy-to-understand overview. To dive into the details, simply select the desired type of consumption. 


Personal and nationwide comparisons

In order to get a feeling for their own consumption and possibly take savings measures, consumers can compare their consumption in the customer app with the average for the entire property or even across Switzerland. They can also track their consumption over months and years in clear charts. 


Checking the environmental impact simply via app

How much electricity does the shared photovoltaic system produce per month? What does that mean for my own carbon footprint? MyEnergy shows users simply and clearly how positively their own electricity generation affects the environment.



Clear price-performance communication and a clear commitment to sustainability.

Fewer customer service queries about energy and water supplies
Annual CO2 savings through digital billing alone
Customer growth since the launch of the NeoVac app

Customer app as USP and market advantage

With the energy-saving app, NeoVac is taking a big step into the future and past many competitors. So far, no other metering service provider offers a comparable service. This benefits not only NeoVac, but also property managers, for whom myEnergy provides a sales argument when brokering properties. Instead of being informed about the consumption bill at the end of the year, the residents have an insight into their energy consumption at any time and the chance to change something in order to save.

Overview of consumption, billing and notifications

And the Technology Award goes to …

At the Best of Swiss Web Award Night, the myEnergy customer app won bronze in the "Technology" category, beating out around 400 other projects. The app not only convinced our customer, but also a jury of one hundred experts, who place great value on innovation and accuracy in implementation. 

Best of Swiss Web Bronze 2020
Neoduck is happy about saved resources.

The right handling for large amounts of data

NeoVac meters transmit consumption data from over 400,000 homes every quarter of an hour. That's several million measuring points in several million devices. Because we work with very large amounts of data in many projects, the high number of measuring points was not an obstacle in the app development. We took over the project management and led every step from conception, design and implementation to commissioning and maintenance. For the client, this meant they were free to focus on their core business and were kept up to date with weekly updates.

Overview of hot and cold water consumption

One app replaces around 400.000 bills

It is obvious how much time the property management saves with myEnergy for more than 400,000 flats. The fact that electricity, water consumption and the like can be seen in the customer app in no time at all means that the phone rings less often in the service centers, the annual letters are no longer necessary and billing can be done completely paperless. Accounting and customer service gain time in everyday life, the environment benefits from the careful use of resources and tenants retain control over their consumption.

Illustration of electricity generation through the own photovoltaic system

Tech highlights

Technical details of the NeoVac customer app explained simply.

With the help of Lottie, supporting animations could be implemented. CSS and Angular animations helped us implement appropriate transitions and gesture animations.
Application monitoring
Tools such as Sentry or UptimeRobot constantly monitor the application. This way, errors are detected and corrected before a user notices them.
Hybrid application with Capacitor
With the help of Capacitor, the application was implemented once and can now be used on all platforms.
Review instances
During development, each feature automatically receives its own review instance in the cloud infrastructure. This allows us to test all changes quickly and in a practical way.
Automated unit and integration tests
The application is automatically tested with several thousand tests to avoid regression errors and to keep the quality constantly high.
Docker containers
The developed applications are operated in Docker containers and started on several instances depending on the workload. This guarantees high reliability, good scalability and fast response times.

Used technologies

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
"The chemistry with Fusonic was right from the start. The clear interim goals, the exact schedule and the meticulous project documentation gave us a good feeling over the entire duration of the project. We are hungry for more and are already thinking about the next one with Fusonic App."
Pascal Welti
Pascal Welti
Manager Energy Consulting
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